University of Peradeniya

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Institute for Physiotherapy, Institute of Health Care and Nursing

Our university

Our university is 75 years old. During the last 75 years of its existence at Peradeniya, the University has developed into the largest and most comprehensive university in Sri Lanka. However, its developmental trajectory has traversed a rugged terrain at times. The University of Peradeniya has currently emerged as a leading global centre of excellence in education, training, research, and outreach.

The University is composed of nine undergraduate faculties of study. These faculties have 79 departments in total. In addition, the university has four postgraduate institutions and six affiliated centres.

The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences was inaugurated in the year 2007. The faculty comprises of six departments conducting B.Sc. degree programmes in Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Radiography/Radiotherapy. As the faculty offers professional degree programmes, students are introduced to basic concepts in medical sciences followed by mandatory hospital-based training. All degree programmes comprise 120 credits curricula which have been designed in par with international standards. The department of Physiotherapy and Nursing are partners in the project. Every year about 45 Physiotherapy and 50 Nursing students graduate from the University. The undergraduates are trained and equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical and clinical skills and they carry out a research project during the final year of the degree emphasizing evidence-based practice. The degree programs are designed to produce proficient graduates in the field of physiotherapy and nursing to cater the growing demands and to advance the quality of services in Sri Lanka and globally.

Our team

Esther Liyanage

Senior Lecturer

I am a physiotherapist working as an academic in the University of Peradeniya for about 13 years. The role involves, patient management, teaching-learning, administration, and research. I hold a master’s degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and a doctorate in Exercise Science. Research areas are physical activity, health promotion, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. I believe, as healthcare professionals we must be role models to our patients/ clients, this would be the ideal way besides our expertise to achieve the best overall outcomes in them.

H.D.W.T. Damayanthi


I am a professor in Nursing with over two decades of professional experience. I am interested in research in the field of geriatric nursing, nutrition, and nursing administration. Currently, I am involved in a Capacity Building Project on "nEUROcare" neurodegenerative diseases co-funded by the European Union. I believe that helping people has given me a purpose in life and I impart this message to my students.

R.R.W.M.S.I. Wadugodapitiya

Senior Lecturer

I am a Senior Lecturer with over a decade of experience in teaching Physiotherapy undergraduates in the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. I am involved in teaching and conducting research in the fields of Biomechanics and neurological physiotherapy. I completed my PhD in the field of biomechanics, M. Phil. in neurological physiotherapy, and an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy. In addition to my research and teaching, I serve in committees to uplift physiotherapy education.