Jamk University of Applied Sciences

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Institute for Physiotherapy, Institute of Health Care and Nursing

Our university

Jamk is a creative reinvented institute of higher education. We develop and strengthen learning, competence, and competitiveness together with partners and cooperation networks – both in Finland and around the world. We have over 8 500 students and 900 employees.

The Institute of Rehabilitation is a centre for education, development and research actively operating in the field of multidisciplinary rehabilitation.

We have four Bachelor’s Degree Programmes in Finnish: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling and Social Services. We also offer three Master’s Degree Programmes of which two are conducted in English: Digital Rehabilitation and Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy.

In the field of Social Services and Health Care we offer seven bachelor’s and six master’s degree programmes. The degree programme in nursing is taught in both Finnish and English. We have three Master´s degree programmes in English.

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation is one of the three recognised focus areas of jamk. We act as a forerunner in rehabilitation, developing the best rehabilitation solutions in collaboration with working and business life.

We are a forerunner in rehabilitation and have a significant educational mission, in addition to which we engage in several RDI development projects and competent service business and research activities.

At the heart of everything is a well-functioning everyday life that we pursue in a customer-oriented and multidisciplinary way by promoting working and functioning.

  • Active life and exercise rehabilitation
  • Client and Service guidance and rehabilitation processes
  • Technologies ​and operating environments ​to support rehabilitation

Our team

Eija Janhunen

MSc in Health Sciences, physiotherapist, Vocational Teacher

Expertise, research interests etc.

I work as a multidisciplinary rehabilitation expert and project manager at the Institute of Rehabilitation at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. I am also a trained vocational teacher. I have been working for almost 10 years on development and research projects. My specific areas of interest include supporting the functional living at home for the elderly and technological solutions related to that, developing workplace well-being and well-being management, promoting health and well-being, and rehabilitation technology.

Jaana Paltamaa

Associate professor, PhD, physiotherapist, Vocational Teacher

Expertise, research interests etc.

I work as a senior researcher at Jamk. I have long experience in applied research and development projects with partners from working life. The most recent was an Erasmus+ project on inter-professional collaboration and related competences, learning interventions and Student-Run Interprofessional Learning Ward. I have been involved in projects related to elderly, client-centred rehabilitation and literature reviews. I also have vocational teacher education and mostly I have educated professionals in the workfield. My special interest is in functioning and the implementation of the WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF).

Kristina Grahn

Lecturer, RGN, BBA, MHSc, Teacher’s pedagogical qualification.

Expertise, research interests etc.

Currently I work at Jamk as a lecturer within a field of social and health care management. I hold MSc degree in Health Sciences and a bachelor’s degree in the field of Business Administration. I am a qualified nurse with a strong international clinical experience across the health care sector. Previously I have built solid expertise from health care sector in various roles varying from nursing to research & development, customer relationship management, leadership and project management. In addition, I have experience from working in business sector in the UK. My special interests are health and wellbeing, human resources management & development, research, education and learning environments.

Pirjo Mäki-Natunen

Senior Lecturer in rehabilitation

Expertise, research interests etc.

I work as a senior lecturer in physiotherapy at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. My key expertise is in the assessmants in geriatric, psychophysical physiotherapy, public health diseases and health literacy. In addition I have expertise in field of Cardiac rehabilitation, Neurological physiotherapy and Health promotion. I am Bachelor Thesis tutor-teacher of physiotherapy students. During this thesis project I support and guide the students. My special interests are national and international network co-operation. I am active at National Heart Disease physiotherapy association. I am very interested in developing the education of Physiotherapist.