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Department of Nursing, Department of Pharmacy, Department of MLS and the Department of Human biological Sciences

Our university

The University of Jaffna, located in the northern region of Sri Lanka, is a prominent institution of higher education renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and cultural diversity. It is Established in 1974, and evolved into a hub for scholarly pursuits, fostering innovation and research across various disciplines. With a focus on serving the local community, the university plays a significant role in addressing societal challenges and advancing knowledge in fields such as medicine, engineering, humanities, and social sciences. Despite facing challenges due to the region’s complex socio-political landscape, the University of Jaffna remains committed in its mission to provide quality education, promote inclusivity, and contribute to the development of the nation. Through its academic programs, research endeavors, and community engagement initiatives, the university continues to uphold its reputation as a center of learning and intellectual growth in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Our team

Santhalingam Sathees

Senior Lecturer

I am a Registered Nurse. Working as an academic at the University of Jaffna for more than 11 years. I completed my M.Phil in the field of geriatric nursing. I am engaged in both research and teaching in the Department of Nursing at the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. My current research interest is exploring innovative interventions to enhance the quality of life among the elderly, particularly in addressing challenges such as Sarcopenia and mild cognitive impairement.

Deivy Thabotharan

I am attached to the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences,University of Jaffna. I have completed my undergraduate nursing degree and Master’s degree in the field of Community Health Nursing in India. I am a registered nurse and a Midwife in Sri Lanka and India. Presently I am the Dean of the faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Jaffna and I involved in teaching and research activities in the fields of community health nursing at the department of Nursing.

Luxmi Kamalarupan

I am a Registered nurse. I have been involved in teaching the BScHonors Nursing students of University of Jaffna for more than 17 years. I had the experience on supervising more than 80 undergraduate students’ researches and few post-graduate students’ researches. I am involving in teaching and research in the fields of Geriatric Nursing. I had an experience on supervising MPhil research on “Quality of Life of elderly”. I am interested in working to enhance the quality of life of elders.