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Physiotherapy, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Faculty of Physiotherapy

Our university

The University of A Coruña (UDC) is a modern, innovative and public institution founded in 1989. Placed in the northwestern coast of Galicia, Spain, it has two campuses in the cities of A Coruña and Ferrol. It primary objective is the generation, management and dissemination of culture and scientific, technological and professional knowledge through education and research programmes. Part of its mission is the formation of an open, critical, democracy and solidarity citizenship, capable of analysing reality, diagnose problems, formulate and implement solutions based in knowledge and oriented to the common good. UDC expresses its commitment to the integral development of Galicia, its social, cultural and linguistic identity.

The Faculty of Physiotherapy trains students at undergraduate and postgraduate academic levels. The bachelor´s degree program in Physiotherapy aims to train professionals with high clinical competence to address the health problems of greatest incidence and prevalence through a theoretical program based on scientific evidence and a rigorous clinical training program in different contexts. It is a full-time program with 240 ECTS credits and 8 semesters. The faculty offers two official Master programs with 60 ECTS and 2 semesters: the Master in Chronicity and New Models of Socio-Health Care and the Interuniversity Master in Biomanufacturing, which allow the graduates to specialize in physiotherapy and other socio-health and biotechnology related disciplines. The academic itinerary ends with the Health, Disability, Dependency and Well-being PhD Program, which allows graduates to achieve research competence. The faculty of physiotherapy houses the university Department of Physiotherapy, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Our team

Dr. Sonia Souto Camba

Senior Lecturer

I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Physiotherapy, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the Physiotherapy Faculty (UDC). I have broad experience in teaching (in the Physiotherapy bachelor degree, the Speech therapy bachelor degree and Master program in Disability and Dependency) and in international networking, since I have been vice president of the European Region of World Physiotherapy (2010-2016). Currently, I am the head of my university department and I lead the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists in Higher Education.

Dr. Jamile Vivas Costa

Full time Senior Lecturer

I’m a physiotherapist, member of the Department of Physiotherapy, Medicine and Biomedical Science from Faculty of Physiotherapy, Universidade da Coruña, Spain. I have clinical and teaching experience in Neurological and aging-related disabilities rehabilitation, I’ve finished a PhD in Neuroscience and a MsC in Assistance and Health Research. Nowadays, I participate in the Psychosocial intervention and functional rehabilitation research group and also coordinate a Master Degree in Disability and Dependency. My research interests focus on Elderly, Neurorehabilitation and Aquatic therapy.

Dr. Sabela Rivas Neira


I am a physiotherapist with a master’s degree in Disability and Dependence, and a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences. Currently, I am a faculty junior at the Faculty of Physiotherapy in A Coruña, Spain and my research focus in chronic pain. I collaborate with the Fibromyalgia Association of A Coruña, providing clinical and scientific-technical support. My goal is to provide patients with the necessary resources to raise awareness about their conditions and empower them to achieve proper self-management of their symptoms.

Dr. Zeltia Naia Entonado

Junior Lecturer

I am a Physiotherapist, member of the department of Physiotherapy, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of A Coruña, Spain. I achieved a master’s degree and a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences. I have clinical and teaching experience (national and international) in addressing adult population with neurological disabilities, in which coexist concomitant pathologies inherent to the aging process. My main lines of research are related to pelvic floor rehabilitation and women´s health.